Worcester DA honors Lunenburg police officer who saved man from Pitbull attack


The Lunenburg police officer who saved a 75-year-old man from certain death after a dog attacked him for no reason earlier this year has been honored for his bravery and quick thinking.

Wayne Comeau was at the Lunenburg Animal Control office when one of the dogs attacked him. Comeau’s wife is the town animal control officer. The pit bull probably would have killed Comeau had it not been for Officer Gage Russell, who arrived moments before it was too late.

Russell shot and killed the animal, allowing medical personnel to reach Wayne Comeau and airlift him to hospital for several hours of emergency surgery.

Worcester District Attorney Joe Early Jr. on Monday, Nov. 14, presented Russell with the Team Excellence and Merit, or TEAM, award for quick thinking and bravery.

“This officer arrived at a chaotic scene, but remained calm, assessed the situation quickly and took immediate action,” Early said. “Agent Russell saw the animal clinging to Wayne Comeau’s arm and knew the serious situation the victim was in.”

Lunenburg Police Chief Thomas Gammel said he was proud to serve alongside Russell.

“Office Russell’s quick response and actions saved Mr. Comeau’s life. I believe Wayne would not have survived the attack had it not been for Officer Russell’s intervention,” Gammel said during of the ceremony. “It was a fast and fluid scene where Officer Russell had to assess the situation quickly. Due to his training, Officer Russell responded appropriately and professionally without hesitation and saved a life. We are proud of the have in the service of the town of Lunenburg.”

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