Woman divides her opinion by revealing the average amount spent in the evening


A woman split the internet after revealing how much the average person spends in the evening. See for yourself below:

She went on to claim that we could all be sitting on a small fortune if we decided to stay a few nights a week rather than going out with our friends: over £ 7,000 ($ 9,600) a year.

In the video, Hinal explains: “Apparently the average person in the UK spends £ 69 on a night out.

“Now let’s say you quit going out twice a week, you save £ 138.

“If you do this all year round you will save £ 7,176. Think about what you could do with that money. I know what I would do.”

Credit: TikTok

The figure comes from a 2019 Deltic Night Index report, and the figure has since risen slightly to £ 70.69 ($ 97.75) for an average night out.

So, using Hinal’s metric, if we stopped going out twice a week for an entire year, we could actually save ourselves a colossal £ 7,351.76 ($ 10,165.98).

But while that may sound impressive, Hinal’s calculations haven’t convinced everyone.

Commenting on her post, one user said: “These kinds of people regret their lives when they are too old to go out.”

Echoing this, another rang: “It is not to waste money if you have made memories with that money.”

Credit: PA
Credit: PA

Others felt that going out a few times in a week was a bit overkill.

One user asked, “Who goes out twice a week, every week?” “

On the flip side, some thought £ 69 was wishful thinking.

Another said: ‘Imagine you wake up and check your bank and only spent £ 69, I wish you could.’

Some agreed with Hinal’s point, however, saying they would use the money to have an even better time than stumbling intoxicated at a seedy club in town.

One wrote: “People say memories and money, but I’d rather save the £ 7,000 and split that into 3-5 vacations with better memories and not half drunk.”


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