Wiltshire paramedics attend wedding of man whose life they saved


The paramedics who saved a man’s life were guests of honor at his wedding.

Lifeguards Fred Fox and Matt Bone joined groom Mick Culley and wife Kerry during their blessing in Lincolnshire.

The South West Ambulance Trust student paramedic and emergency care assistant saved Mick’s life on Salisbury Plain in Wiltshire last year.

Mick, 69, from Hogsthorpe, near Skegness, suffered a brain haemorrhage while on holiday with then-girlfriend Kerry last May.

Salisbury-based Fred and Matt were the first on the scene and took him to hospital where he was rescued.

Kerry said: “He was staggering in the parking lot and I knew something was very wrong so I dialed 999 for an ambulance.

“They kept the whole situation calm, put him on a stretcher and in the ambulance.

“The next thing I knew was that I was driving to the hospital, not knowing if he was alive or dead.”

Mick would eventually need specialist surgery at Southampton General Hospital before eventually being transferred from this recovery closer to his home at the Pilgrim Hospital in Boston.

Mick said: “I can’t thank everyone enough – we don’t have enough praise for what Fred and Matt have done. Their quick actions saved my life.

“We wanted to take this opportunity to thank Fred and Matt by inviting them to the blessing.”

Kerry said, “If it hadn’t been for Fred and Matt, our life together couldn’t have happened.”

Fred has since graduated as a paramedic.

He said: “Mick could still speak when we arrived on the scene, but he was showing all the red flags for a brain bleed. We knew we had to act quickly.

“Kerry showed up at the ambulance station a few days after the incident to say thank you and update us on Mick.

“Then some time later, out of the blue, came the invitation to the wedding blessing. It doesn’t happen very often.

“I’ve been in the ambulance service for six years and this is the first one I’ve had so we were really pleased to have it.”

Mick and Kerry met on March 18, 2021 through the local parish council.

They married in October 2021 and Fred and Matt attended their wedding blessing at St Mary’s Church, Hogsthorpe on Saturday May 14.


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