Video: Migrant in sports bag rescued from burning SUV at border



A migrant trapped in a sports bag was rescued from a burning SUV last month in Texas, near the Mexican border.

Screenshot from Twitter video

A young migrant was rescued from the back of a burning SUV moments after the driver crashed and fled, according to Texas authorities.

The incident happened Wednesday, March 23 in Webb County, near the Mexican border. The Texas Department of Public Safety shared video of heartbreaking rescue Last week.

Deputies from La Salle County, along with officers from the Encinal Police Department, participated in the event, which began when border officials called for help to stop a vehicle that had avoided a point interstate control.

The driver, who authorities said was a smuggler, exceeded a speed of 130mph before hitting a barrier at a dead end, the WFAA reported. Deputies said the driver and other occupants of the vehicle fled on foot.

The SUV burst into flames and as officers and deputies approached the vehicle, they found a person inside a duffel bag in the trunk. sergeant. Genaro Hinojosa “went into action” and broke a window to reach the woman, officials said.

The video shows officers pulling the sports bag out of the SUV and rescuing a migrant who was trapped inside.

“She was just in that duffel bag like clothing,” Encinal Police Chief Pablo Balboa told the WFAA. “The emotion I had when she came out to tell you the truth was anger. Anger because these people don’t care.

Balboa said it was unclear which country the woman was from.

Deputies said the SUV later became “completely engulfed in flames”. La Salle County firefighters had to put out a grass fire near where the vehicle was, the sheriff’s office said.

“Excellent example of teamwork between our partners,” said the Department of Public Security.

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