Valley students await outcome of Federal Student Loan Forgiveness


PHOENIX — Ameenah White, who applied for student loan forgiveness, is feeling stressed about the restart of student loan payments in January.

She tells ABC15 that she tried to figure out what to do to make the payments in January.

“Just with inflation and everything that’s going on, it’s hard to repay those loans, and that we even had to take loans for our education, it’s just, it’s that we can’t all get loans. scholarships or having family or relatives to help pay for our school. So our only option is to get a loan and have that burden. It’s a challenge,” White said.

It is currently unclear when and if the student debt relief program will continue. People can no longer apply after the Texas judge ruled it illegal.

“When you choose to go to school and you sign on the dotted line that you’re going to take on that debt, that’s your responsibility,” said Jean Kuhn, who is against the relief package. “It’s like going to get a car, I sign on this dotted line. I have to pay for my car. So these kids who go into debt, you know, for their loan, they have to pay it too.

Mom Wendy Wells echoed the same sentiment as Kuhn. Although her daughter took out a loan, she said it could benefit her. However, Wells still believes it’s one person’s choice and another person shouldn’t take the blame.

” I understood. I found a way to get my kids to college, and I think people should just be responsible for their actions… There are only consequences for your action, I think you should repay your debt “, she said.

Now, those who have applied to the program are waiting to see what happens, hoping something will be resolved before payments restart in January.

“I paved my way to school, so I was the only one helping myself. I just racked up a lot of debt during my undergraduate studies and now my master’s,” said Blessing Lungu, a master’s student at ASU. “I just want some relief so that when I start paying off my loans after my Masters, I can’t have huge debt to pay off.”


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