Ukraine refutes media reports that it received MiG-29 fighter jets from the United States


Amid the ongoing brutal war with Russia, Ukraine on Wednesday refuted international media claims that it received MiG-29 fighter jets from the United States to fight the Russian air force. Ukraine’s Defense Ministry said kyiv has not received new planes from its foreign partners. “Ukraine has actually received spare parts for aircraft overhaul and repair. This has allowed us to bring more aircraft to a combat-ready state,” the defense ministry said in a statement. . Last month, President Joe Biden refused to allow Ukraine to buy Polish MiG-29 fighter jets based at a US airbase in Germany, citing fears the sale would escalate Russian aggression.

According to reports, Berlin also opposed the proposal, citing Germany’s long-standing policy of avoiding involvement in wars and fears that transporting the fighter jet to Ukraine would make furious Russia. Meanwhile, last week it was reported that war-torn Ukraine was looking to buy modern weapons from Slovakia. According to various media, the Slovak government was negotiating with Ukraine on the supply of Zuzana self-propelled artillery and MiG-29 fighter jets. Notably, Zuzana Howitzers is an artillery system developed by the Slovak Ministry of Defense.

US provides another set of arms assistance to Ukraine

Meanwhile, the United States, which has helped Ukraine in its fight against Russian troops from the start, has extended further military aid to Ukraine. According to the Pentagon, the first supplies of the latest round of US military aid to Ukraine, which includes heavier weapon systems, arrived in the region over the weekend. The recently approved $800 million security aid includes Howitzer artillery systems, 40,000 artillery shells, armored personnel vehicles and other armaments, CBS News reported.

Zelenskyy urges the world to provide modern lethal weapons to Ukraine

It is important to mention here that Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky has once again urged countries around the world to provide modern lethal weapons to the war-torn nation to counter Russian aggression. Addressing the nation on April 15, he said any delay in the delivery of weapons could endanger the lives of tens of thousands of people. Meanwhile, Norwegian Defense Minister Bjorn Arild Gram claimed that Oslo had donated 100 Mistral air defense systems to Ukraine to counter Russian aggression. According to some information, Norway no longer uses short-range missiles.

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