Tusványos d’Orbán’s ‘racist’ speech well received by Russian state television


“If Trump were the President of the United States and Angela Merkel was the German Chancellor, there would be no war in Ukraine. – said Orbán in his speech in Tusnádfürdő. Although this statement received mixed reactions, Russians seem to agree with it. One of the main faces of Russian state television, Vladimir Solovyov, liked the phrase so much that he even played it on his political talk show.

As we have already written about this, Prime Minister Viktor Orbán spoke about some current problems in Tusnádfürdő. Among other things, he explained that Hungarians did not want to become a mixed race. Moreover, he said that Trump could have prevented the war. Now Russian state television has reacted to his speech.

Russian television: Donald Trump, Vladimir Putin and Viktor Orbán share common values

On his political talk show, Solovyov strongly agreed with Orbán’s statement. -reports 444.hu. He also added that Donald Trump, Vladimir Putin and Viktor Orbán share common values ​​and see things the same way. Solovyov also explained how Zelensky’s fascist regime can send assassins to all parts of the world to deal with those who oppose him. – reports daily beast. Therefore, he fears that the Trumpist American TV host Tucker Carlson could also be killed.

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Soloviev hopes for Trump’s return

The Russian TV host is expecting an exciting fall as there will be midterm elections in the United States. Unsurprisingly, he hopes the Republican Party will win a majority in the US legislature. Also, it would be great if Trump and his political movement came back. Not only because the Russian TV host is more on board with Trump, but also because his election could cause internal wrangling in the United States. And as America would be occupied with its own civilian struggles, its international presence would weaken.

Sidorov: The American political system is much more stable than the European system

Andrey Sidorov, professor of political science at Moscow State University, also spoke about America. He believes that the American political system is much more stable than the European one. Moreover, he spoke of the Democrats as opponents of Russia. Trump’s rise also shores up his political opponents, the Democrats, who are seen as the Russians’ main villains, he says. According to Sidorov, Trump and the Republicans should win the November election. And when the presenter asked if Russia should help, he replied: “if we can, we must help”.

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Source: 444.hu, thedailybeast.com


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