Tulsa pediatrician shares time spent in Ukraine teaching medicine


A Tulsa pediatrician talks about her time in Ukraine in the late 90s.

Dr Christine Narrin-Talbot said that although she had not returned for many years, she bonded with the people there and they remain in touch to this day.

She said Ukrainians are kind and genuine people. It’s been hard to see what they’re going through.

Dr. Narrin-Talbot spent time in Ukraine on mission trips in the late 1990s and early 2000s, teaching medicine and helping to open a clinic.

“They were just starting out and learning to navigate their way through things, they were used to being told where to work, what to eat, what to do and they were trying to figure it all out,” she said.

She said the clinic is still there today, with people she knows still working there. She said it was heartbreaking to see what was happening.

“Some of the kids I knew when I was there are now fighting in defense of the territory, mothers have sent their sons, some of my friends there, doctors…their sons are in combat “, she said.

She feels helpless, but she says she sends money and tries to do whatever she can to help them.

“I think money is the most important thing they need right now, it doesn’t seem like a lot, but it really makes more sense to bring supplies closer to where the needs are,” she said. declared.

Her friends in Ukraine mean so much to her and she prays that they are well.

“I just hope it happens for the people of Ukraine, I know they don’t want to go back to how they were before, and it’s very heartbreaking right now,” she said.

She said she hopes to start a fundraiser in Tulsa soon to raise money to help Ukrainians.


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