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The ink did not dry on the midterm elections when former President Donald Trump announced his intention to run for president again in 2024, positioning himself as the first major candidate announced for a presidential election that will take place in two years.

Trump officially kicked off his 2024 presidential campaign at his resort town of Mar-a-Lago. He highlighted the achievements of his first term, talked about inflation, the border problem and the soaring gas prices.

“I’m officially running for President of the United States, and we’re going to make our country great again,” Trump said.

“Our country needs a real great leader, and we need a real great leader now. We need a leader who wrote ‘The Art of the Market’. We need a leader who can bring back our jobs, can bring back our manufacturing, can bring back our military, take care of our vets. Our vets have been abandoned! he said. “Your country is being destroyed before your eyes. The return of the America starts now.

His announcement came as no surprise, as it had been planned for days. He also filed his candidacy with the Federal Election Commission.

NPR reported it with a bias against the former president, signaling its intentions to report it from a certain angle: “Donald Trump, who tried to overturn the results of the 2020 presidential election and inspired a deadly riot in Capitol in a desperate attempt to hold on to power, has asked to run for president again in 2024,” the news agency wrote, erroneously.

NBC reported in its headline, “Trump, Whose Lies About 2020 Election Inspired Insurgency, Announces Third White House Run. Trump continued to falsely claim that he won the 2020 election, but was denied his position by widespread fraud.

NBC continued: “Donald Trump, the only president to be impeached twice, launched a campaign to reclaim the Oval Office on Tuesday, two years after voters ousted him and a week after his hand-picked candidates were rejected. in several crucial Senate races.” NBC failed to point out that four of Trump’s endorsed gubernatorial candidates won, out of nine he endorsed. Nine of 17 of his approved House candidates have won, and six of 11 of his approved Senate candidates have won.

The Washington Post reported: “Trump, who as president fomented an insurrection, says he is running again. Donald Trump, 76, refused to concede defeat in the 2020 election, has been impeached twice and is the subject of multiple criminal investigations. His entry changes the dynamics of the GOP field while increasing the likelihood of President Biden running for re-election.

The New York Times wrote: “Trump announces 2024 race, repeats lies and exaggerates record. In a rambling speech, former President Donald J. Trump said he would seek another term, ignoring Republican concerns that he was responsible for the party’s midterm weakness.

MSNBC wrote: “Trump’s secret weapon in 2024? He is ready to burn everything. Republicans say they’re done with Trump. But Trump is running for president again — and he’s definitely not done with them.

In the Los Angeles Times, The columnists said: “Make no mistake what Donald Trump means when he says he is running for president again, as he did on Tuesday night. He doesn’t mean he’ll present his case to the American people in 2024 hoping that a majority of them will choose him, like they never have before – not in 2016, when he lost. the popular vote but won the election. college, nor in 2020, when he lost both.

“He does not mean that he trusts American democracy, the integrity of elections, presidential succession laws or any other institution that coincides with the nation itself. He doesn’t mean he plans to abide by any of those things.

“The ex-president has unequivocally demonstrated that he intends to take power by hook or by crook, by denying the validity of any vote against him, by lying to his armed and angry populace, by pressuring on state election officials, state legislatures, and federal courts for lying, cheating, and otherwise betraying the American people and their democracy.

President Joe Biden agreed with the mainstream media and said Trump had the worst record of any president as his campaign account took to Twitter to slam his predecessor:


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