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A drunk driving check by police may have saved a man’s life after a passenger inside the car was found to be overdosing on heroin and given a dose of NARCAN emergency.

The driver in the case, Derrick M. Menzies, is charged with impaired driving and driving with a suspended license while his passenger, Justin Reed, has drug charges pending after heroin, which left him belonged, was found in the vehicle.

Police arrested Menzies after seeing him “straddle the center line” and drive with a faulty taillight. When stopped on Jackson Street, the driver allegedly made a comment about his passenger, telling police “he’s sleeping, I’m not even going to lie to you” even as they smelled marijuana in the vehicle.

“I was concerned as it appeared something was wrong with Mr. Reed,” the officer wrote in the report, noting that it appeared the passenger was having difficulty breathing. Police also found an uncapped needle in the passenger’s lap, suggesting he had ingested some kind of drug. Two doses of the overdosed opiate drug NARCAN were administered to Reed at this time.

Police eventually laid drunk driving charges against Menzies for being impaired by marijuana. The driver allegedly told the lawmen that he had seen Reed inject a drug about 20 minutes earlier.

A subsequent search of the vehicle yielded 12 grams of heroin laced with Fentanyl. Reed allegedly claimed ownership of the illegal drugs once he was able to communicate.


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