TN spent the most among states, new MGNREGS data shows


A total of ₹28,149.93 crore was spent by various states and 82.85 lakh of works were completed across the country under MGNREGS

In the Union Budget 2022-23, MGNREGS has the highest allocation at ₹73,000 crore

Tamil Nadu spent ₹5,413.17 crore under MGNREGS, the maximum amount among all states and union territories, according to data published in the Lok Sabha on March 30.

A total of 4,67,112 jobs have been completed under MGNREGS in TN through March 24.

Madhya Pradesh comes next after Tamil Nadu with ₹2,806 crore spent on 6,61,128 works.

Nationwide, a total of ₹28,149.93 crore was spent by various states and a total of 82.85 lakh of works were completed. The majority of states have spent on providing connectivity in villages under the program.


In accordance with Schedule 1 of the Act, work has been undertaken to provide all-weather rural road connectivity to villages as well as to connect with verified rural production centres.

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“The construction of the pucca road network and the construction of roads or streets internal to the pucca, including lateral drains and culverts in a village, are also permitted,” said an official from the rural development department of the country. ‘State.

The program also authorizes the construction of crematoria in the villages as well as at block level. Under the MGNREGS, 44 crematoria have been built in Tamil Nadu alone.

“Being one of the most urbanized states in the country, most crematoriums are built by local urban agencies and crematorium construction is not the main work under the program in the state,” said the responsible.

Telangana and Madhya Pradesh have built 1,880 and 1,169 crematoriums respectively, with MGNREGS funds.

Bihar leads all other states in MGNREGS spending on road construction in rural areas. The state has completed 40,035 jobs and another 91,497 jobs are in progress.

Similarly, in Uttar Pradesh, 35,097 rural road works have been completed and an additional 1.89 lakh are in progress.

During the lockdown in 2020 and 2021, MGNREGS funds were used to create jobs in rural areas.

“We have provided jobs for most of the lockdown period and this has helped many rural families stay above the poverty line. There was a delay in disbursement of wages and ₹96.4 crore is still pending disbursement as of March 11,” the official said.

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Among the states, West Bengal has the maximum of ₹1,522.9 crore pending to be paid out as wages to MGNREGS workers. Kerala comes second with ₹487.5 crore pending disbursement as salaries and Rajasthan comes third with ₹289.4 crore pending.

In the 2022-23 Union Budget, MGNREGS has the highest allocation at ₹73,000 crore. However, this is a decrease of 25.5% from the revised 2021-22 estimate.


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