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Manufacturing safety has many different moving parts. First, safety inside the factory. “Because we’re dealing with so many associates, and you’re dealing with equipment and the humans interacting with that equipment, you have to make sure everything is ergonomic,” says Trumpler. Ergonomics and kinesiology play an important role in injury prevention.

Another important aspect is medical safety. A company as large as Honda has medical personnel and emergency response personnel on site. “We have a huge, incredible staff of nurses who dedicate their lives to humanitarian efforts. If someone is injured or in pain, they get them the care they need.” Additionally, Honda has physiotherapists and massage therapists offered in-house.

Within the organization, each industrial environment has emergency services such as in-house firefighters who receive extensive training. Firefighters are trained to deal with the dangers inherent in the environment, for example in the event of a spill of hazardous materials. “All of this pre-planning to avert disaster is done by resident experts,” Trumpler says.

In such a large and varied environment, there are so many different teams needed to keep workers safe. Safety isn’t just someone walking around doing a workplace inspection with a checklist, Trumpler says, “it’s an aspect of safety. Should this happen? Absolutely, because it’s our basic security. But it takes off from there.

Honda is a very dynamic company, so they often build new facilities and the safety of those who build those new facilities. “When it comes to our building expansions, we need experts for that.” The organization also has a team dedicated to the safety of confined spaces.


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