This Famous TikTok Carpet Cleaning Tool Saved My Carpet


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Between my tendency to drop or knock over any object that could be held in human hands and my cat’s ability to shed year-round with no discernible seasonal patterns, the carpet in my apartment has taken very heavy abuse since its first deployment. Although I like to think I’m an ardent vacuum cleaner, the buildup of dust and pet hair over time has become too hard to ignore. Luckily for me, I was browsing my phone to viral videos of other people cleaning up and stumbled upon this nifty lint removal tool on Amazon that tons of TikTokers had mentioned.

In the TikTok videos I watched, this carpet-scraping lint remover removed insane amounts of dust and pet hair from carpets, and I was pretty impressed. So, after a few moments of contemplation, my roommate and I pulled the trigger on the kuka-us Lint Remover and purchased it. Considering how cheap the item was ($10 a pop) — despite the hype it received from countless TikTokers — my expectations were incredibly low. Yet, to my surprise, the lint remover went above and beyond. Another famous Amazon product from TikTok that I officially endorse.

The kuka-us lint cleaner is designed with a row of fine copper teeth that safely filter your carpet fibers and lift lint, dust, crumbs and hair to the surface. To use, simply run over the area you wish to clean with light pressure and watch the insane amounts of lint reveal themselves – it’s so satisfying! The tool is also designed for use on several different carpet types and can be adjusted for the angle of use to work best on fine microfibers through to coarse pile.

Buy on Amazon, $10

In a way, the effectiveness of lint remover is almost terrifying. I was just unaware of the amount of dirt that had accumulated in my carpet which looked so clean on the surface. I watched in horror and fascination as hair and lint balls piled up under the lint eliminator. I can’t stress how many things came off my mat.

The lint eliminator has a sturdy wooden handle and comes in a two-pack to ensure that even if it breaks you’ll have a replacement on hand. Plus, lint remover works on more than carpets and rugs. I recently tried using it on a few different jackets and blankets, and it worked just as well. The device is also perfectly suited for pulling out all the pet hair that accumulates on your couch if you are a big cuddly like me and couldn’t say no when your pet jumped up to sit next to you .

You can buy kuka-us lint remover today on Amazon for just $10, and the next time you think about cleaning your house, maybe hop on TikTok for a bit and see what happens.


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