These actors received initial backlash over their casting in now-iconic roles


It is not uncommon for people to achieve something despite criticism from the rest of the world. This can happen in all areas: on a personal level, for example, with ambitious projects that generate a lot of enthusiasm, but a family member comes along and suggests that the project has no future. A few years pass and the project succeeds. In the workplace, this can happen when you take on a new role that you’ve been trained for, but don’t get the best reception from the rest of your new team, who are waiting for the first mistake to point out that awarding the job to this person was a bad idea right from the star. Over time, it can be proven that he is qualified for the job and proves to be doing a brilliant job.

It can happen to actors too, but to a greater extent, because every time they’re cast in a new movie, everyone knows about it. Moreover, everyone talks about it even before seeing the movie or the series, for better or for worse, publish their opinions and expectations on social networks. While many actors always prefer to play the same type of characters in all productions, others choose to take on roles far removed from what they have done in the past. Often, these jobs are highly anticipated roles by fans, who aren’t always happy with the casting choices. In other cases, those who disagree are the critics, who express concern over the casting team’s decisions, particularly if it’s a lead role. Regardless of the source of the complaints and the fact that sometimes the actor’s performance may not live up to expectations, while some actors have managed to shrug off the criticisms and delivered flawless performances of their characters. So much so that those roles have become some of their most notable work, making it hard to think of this character being portrayed by another actor. That’s why, in this article, we’ll take a look at eight actors who received initial backlash for being cast in now-iconic roles.

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8 Daniel Craig – James Bond


Daniel Craig was the most unwelcome actor in the history of James Bond films. He took over the role after Pierce Brosnan vacated it in 2002, and although it is now difficult to untie Agent 007 from Craig, around the time news first broke, fans were furious. Some felt that his looks didn’t match James Bond, while others worried that Craig wouldn’t be able to pull off the required action scenes. The actor later said in interviews that while he didn’t take well to audience criticism, the only thing he could do was make a great movie to prove to them that he was fit for it. act as. Indeed, he was: most complaints about Craig were silenced when Casino Royale came out, a film that excelled with critics and cemented Craig in his role with a more serious and introspective Bond, giving his character a fresh take until his final film, no time to die. It’s only a matter of time to see who will be the next James Bond.

7 Anne Hathaway—Selina Kyle/Catwoman

Warner Bros.

After Michelle Pfeiffer’s stellar performance and Halle Berry’s disappointing turn as Catwoman, expectations were high as to who would play the character of Christopher Nolan. The black Knight trilogy. When we found out that the actress the director had chosen was Anne Hathaway, audiences were disappointed and began to wonder if Hathaway was really right for the role of the infamous thief. Still, Nolan knew exactly what he was doing, and Hathaway proved to be up to the task, earning rave reviews for her performance, with a smart, seductive, desirable, and deadly attitude. The Batman came out recently, and in this new production, the role of Catwoman is played by Zoë Kravitz.

6 Heath Ledger – The Joker

Warner Bros.

It’s amazing to believe that when health book was announced to play the Joker in Christopher Nolan The black Knight, fans called this choice “the worst casting in history”. The actor portrayed the Joker perfectly, and to this day he remains the best Batman villain of all time. In fact, his performance was so good that Ledger won the Academy Award for Best Supporting Actor after his death. However, at first, neither fans nor production members believed that the famous teen movie idol and star of Brokeback Mountain could, at the time, reflect the villain’s genius and wickedness. Even Nolan’s own brother, screenwriter Jonathan Nolan revealed that he too was surprised by his brother’s choice for the iconic role and tried to persuade him to change actors. Still, when he saw Ledger perform, it made perfect sense: the actor marveled at his skills and shot to fame with the iconic role. Ledger is remembered to this day as the best Joker in movie history.

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5 Robert Pattinson – Bruce Wayne / The Batman

Warner Bros.

Edward Cullen’s character is the one who made Robert Pattinson known around the world, but was, at the same time, the one who condemned him to public criticism and left him pigeonholed in a single role that did not honor his acting skills. When Pattinson Was Announced As The New Batman In Matt Reeves’ Movie The Batman, fans of this superhero character were quick to criticize him, and flooded social media, claiming that the casting choice was wrong, and that Pattinson didn’t measure up. These criticisms did not worry the actor, however, who has become accustomed to the repercussions of his role in dusk, nor the director, who felt that all actors who played Batman in movies and series received initial backlash. As it happens, Pattinson was able to once again demonstrate his acting skills in this production which received rave reviews.

4 Hugh Jackman—Logan/Wolverine

20th century fox

Hugh Jackman wasn’t the first actor to be offered the role of Wolverine. He was predeceased by Dougray Scott and Russell Crowe. At the time, Jackman was not the acclaimed actor he is today, having only appeared in a few film and television productions in his native Australia. Marvel fans didn’t know him and thought he was unsuited to the role: they said he was too tall, he didn’t have the body to embody the superhero and he wasn’t famous. The criticisms were too many, but Jackman did not listen to them; he just focused on training his body and working hard to be up to the task. And he did it: for 16 years and nine films, he integrated perfectly into the skin of Wolverine, even if according to him, he would not play the character any more in the next films.

3 Renée Zellweger — Bridget Jones


Why choose an American actress to play a British character? It was the biggest complaint from fans of Helen Fielding’s British novel when it was revealed that Renee Zellweger would play the role of Bridget Jones. And although her performance in that movie earned her a Best Actress Oscar nomination, fanatics weren’t initially thrilled with her casting. Not only was she American while Jones was British, but she was not yet known for her film roles, and her physical appearance did not match the novel’s overweight main character. In the face of all this criticism, Zellweger was undeterred, worked hard with a coach to improve her British accent, and gained weight to look like the character that is now known as one of her most iconic roles.

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2 Robert Downey Jr. – Tony Stark / Iron Man

Paramount Pictures

When in 2008 the news broke Robert Downey Jr. would portray Marvel’s iconic superhero, no one thought Downey was up to the task. Before it becomes Iron Man, Downey had a long period of addictions, substance abuse and trouble with the police. The studio itself was wary of him for such an important film within the MCU, but Jon Favreau fought relentlessly to have him as the lead because he saw the stark similarities between the actor and the hero. billionaire. And while that decision could have completely ruined Marvel’s reputation, it paid off in the end: the film was a hit, Iron Man is the actor’s most iconic role to date, and the reviews have been excellent.

1 Johnny Depp – Edward Scissorhands

20th century fox

Johnny Depp wasn’t the first casting option to play Edward Scissors. Indeed, the production expected a guaranteed success alongside actors already known at the time, such as Robert Downey Jr., Tom Hanks or Jim Carrey. Yet Tim Burton already sensed the potential of Depp — an actor at the very beginning of his career with few productions to his credit but personally attached to his role — when he saw him as the rebellious and attractive young man in crybaby. Eventually, the director was able to push through to realize his vision with his chosen actor, and the film was not only a success, but also launched Depp’s career to stardom, marking the beginning of several collaborations with Burton.


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