The world’s five biggest military superpowers have spent $1.25 trillion on defense budgets – London Business News


Global military spending jumped to more than $2.1 billion, marking seven years of continuous growth. Most of this value comes from just five countries.

According to data presented by Augusta FreePress, the United States, China, Russia, India and Japan, the world’s top five military superpowers, spent $1.25 billion on defense budgets in 2022.

US defense budget doubles that of China and Russia combined

The United States has the highest military spending of any country. Its military expenditures include regular Department of Defense activities, war expenditures, the nuclear weapons program, international military assistance, and other Pentagon-related expenditures.

It is one of the most expensive government programs, along with Social Security and Medicare.

According to data from Global Firepower, the United States spent $770 billion on the defense budget in 2022, twice as much as China and Russia combined. Although the United States leads in defense spending, it has the third largest military, with 1.367 million active duty personnel and another 444,000 in reserve.

Statistics show that China follows with a defense budget of $230 billion, three times less than the United States. In 2022, China ranked third among military superpowers, behind the United States and Russia. However, the country has the largest army in the world, with two million active members and another 510,000 in reserve.

Russia, the world’s second military superpower in 2022, ranked third in defense spending. Data from Global Firepower shows the country spent $154 billion on the defense budget this year, five times less than the United States.

Top five military superpowers account for 60% of total military spending

With $49.6 billion in defense spending, India, the world’s fourth largest military superpower, follows the United States, China and Russia. Japan completes the top five list with a defense budget of $47.4 billion, respectively.

SIPRI’s survey of global military spending trends showed that the five military superpowers accounted for more than 60 percent of total military spending last year. Statistics show that the United States had a massive 38% share of total spending in 2021. China ranked second with a high 14% share. India, Russia and Japan followed with a share of 3.6%, 3.1% and 2.6%, respectively.

Europe’s three major military superpowers, the United Kingdom, France and Germany, accounted for an additional 8.6% of total military spending.


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