The water authority approves the execution of the loan/grant agreement


On Thursday, the Eastern New Mexico Water Utilities Authority Board unanimously approved the execution of a 14-hour water project Fund loan/grant agreement. $.51 million between the New Mexico Finance Authority and ENMWUA.

Ten percent of the total funds would be a loan of $1.451 million and 90 percent of the money would be a grant of $13.059 million, ENMWUA administrator Orlando Ortega said.

“Funding has been earmarked and budgeted for construction of the Finished Water 1 (FW1) pipeline,” Ortega said in an email. “As part of the execution of this loan/grant agreement, ENMWUA will also have to have the agreement signed by each member community. The loan/grant agreement will be submitted to the Finance Committee for review, discussion and recommendation. »

In other matters, the board approved a number of easement agreements for the Finished Water 3B (FW3B) pipeline.

Ortega said FW3B is the remaining 5.4 miles of the pipeline connecting the Portales member community. “It is for the FW3B pipeline project connecting to Portales. Two-thirds of the pipeline is already built,” he said.

After the signing of these easements, there are still 15 or 16 others to be negotiated, as indicated during the meeting.

Later, the board heard a presentation from Jim Honea, Project Manager for Jacobs Engineering, on Ute Pipeline Reservoir water quality and taste level testing.

Bringing the taste of lake water to bottled water quality would be expensive, Honea said. Member communities must decide how much groundwater they wish to mix with the reservoir lake water to create the desired level of taste quality.

Council members discussed how reverse osmosis would improve the taste of water, but at what cost?

“That analysis has not yet been done,” he said.


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