The Recorder – Whately voters plan to repay Town Hall renovation loan


Posted: 03/20/2022 17:01:20

Modified: 20/03/2022 17:00:30

WHAT — Residents will be asked to consider five items at Wednesday’s special town hall meeting, including a proposal to allocate $116,928 to finish repaying borrowed money to renovate City Hall.

“The real reason we wanted to call (a special city meeting) was for Item 1,” city administrator Brian Domina said during a March 7 selection committee meeting. “This will essentially pay off the loan for the City Hall rehabilitation project.”

A special town meeting will be held at the town offices, located at 4 Sandy Lane, beginning at 6 p.m.

In 2017, residents approved a combination of credit and borrowing for a $1.3 million City Hall renovation project, which included accessibility and safety improvements as well as a new plumbing and heating system.

Item 3 asks residents to consider a $60,323 Community Preservation Fund credit for work at Herlihy Park, which would include improvements to restroom accessibility and paving of the driveway and parking lot. Voters took $107,911 of the money available for the project in November, which will be canceled at the annual municipal meeting because the city received a Parks Acquisition and Renovation Grant for Communities of 62,588 $. A condition of the grant requires the city to appropriate the full amount before receiving the money.

“You will recall we had a special town meeting last fall where we had to show that we had money available for this project,” Domina told Selectboard. “The idea was because this project was eligible (Community Preservation Act), we would do the vote to show we had this money…and then the money was going to come back after this project was completed.”

Selection committee chair Jonathan Edwards said residents were asked to allocate the $107,911 in November because CPA money cannot be allocated until CPA applications are submitted and approved. afterwards.

The other three items include $13,530 from the Community Preservation Fund to repair and replace fences at Whately cemeteries as well as install granite benches similar to those outside City Hall. Funds for ongoing renovations to the S. White Dickinson Library are also on the table. Section 4 will ask residents to vote to appropriate $5,000 for the project, while Section 5 would reallocate an additional $16,000 of unspent funds that were approved at the city’s 2019 annual meeting. .

“One of the purposes of using this money is not for construction, but we can change that with a special town meeting article,” Domina said. He explained that in 2019, voters approved money for the design of accessibility improvements, but the contract was under budget and there was money left over.

All items are approved by the Community Preservation Committee. The Town’s Special Meeting Terms of Reference can be viewed at

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