The moving gift that Lucio Dupuy’s grandfather received almost six months after the crime


Almost six months after lucio’s crimethe five-year-old boy who was beaten to death by his mother and his partner in La Pampa, Ramón Dupuy received a gift that moved him to tears: a stuffed animal in memory of his grandson.

The video was uploaded by Lucio’s father on the networks. He just gets it grandpa gets emotional, cries, hugs and kisses the doll that his family gave him.

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“It was sent to you by someone who loves you very much,” his daughter told Ramón, handing him the bag with the gift. Within seconds, when she pulled out the stuffed animal, emotion filled the air.

The pretty doll represents a baby dressed in Boca’s shirt and who, by pressing a button, speaks with the voice of Lucio. When the grandfather hears the murdered little boy again, he breaks down.

Lucio with his grandfather, Ramón “Teto” Dupuy. (Picture: Facebook).

“We want to give you this surprise so that have some comfort and joy“, they wrote on a card.

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Lucio Dupuy’s mother and his partner are charged and are being held in San Luis Penitentiary Complex No. 1. According to the latest psychiatric reports, the mother of the baby and her partner are responsible persons and understand the criminality of their actions and deeds, that is, both women can be prosecuted and possibly receive a sentence.

The crime of Lucius Dupuy

Lucio was assassinated on November 26 after suffer repeated blows of the accused. According to the file, at the time of his decompensation, the boy was at home with Páez, because Espósito Valenti had gone to work.

Páez tried to take Lucio to the station in the Atuel district, but found it closed. Faced with this situation, the minor was transferred by a neighbour, in his car, to the Evita hospital, where he arrived dead.

The accused in the crime of Lucio Dupuy: the mother, Magdalena Espósito Valenti and the girlfriend Abigail Páez.. (Photo: courtesy El Diario).
The accused in the crime of Lucio Dupuy: the mother, Magdalena Espósito Valenti and the girlfriend Abigail Páez.. (Photo: courtesy El Diario).

The autopsy determined that the miner died of “multiple blows” and, furthermore, it was found that he bore marks of cigarette bites and burns before the fact and signs of sexual abuse.

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The Dupuy family promotes the “Lucio Law”

A month ago, Ramón told NT that the family continues to collect signatures to approve the Lucio Law and expressed, “We don’t want there to be another Lucio and we’re not going to stop until he’s approved.”

“We can imagine the pain they will give to these murdered, but I do not want there to be another family destroyed like ours,” he concluded.


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