Texas Republicans squander billions on border theaters often saved for when Democrats are in power


The joint ProPublica and Marshall Project survey said that beginning in 2005, governors “persuaded the Texas legislature to spend billions of dollars on border security measures that included at least nine operations and several small initiatives. While Perry’s spending was certainly not chump change at all — like the $110 million allocated for the border in 2007 — it pales in comparison to Abbott’s spending.

The joint report says that deploying soldiers under Abbott’s Operation Lone Star program alone is costing taxpayers more than $2 million a week. “The Texas Military Department estimates that the current deployment of 10,000 National Guard members will be costs an additional $2 billion per yearnearly five times what the legislature had planned for the deployment,” the report said.

These deployments were extremely unpopular among the soldiers themselves, who described “chronic problems with underpayment”, “lack of equipment and facilities for sleeping” and a general question like “What are we doing here?” There have also been a number of tragic suicides among soldiers linked to the scheme.

ProPublica, Marshall Project and The Texas Grandstand previously noted that Abbott’s office presented Operation Lone Star as a success, but regularly fought requests for documents that would support that claim. They noted that Texas boasted of drug seizures by counties that weren’t even receiving Operation Lone Star funds. ProPublica and Marshall Project in the new report also say that Perry medicines made public seized by his Operation Strong Safety II despite the fact that it “contributed to less than 10% of the operation’s drug seizures.

Like Abbott, Perry used vile rhetoric to justify his own actions, claiming without evidence that Brown gang members were “torturing, kidnapping and murdering citizens on both sides of the border,” the report said. He also noted that Perry falsely claimed in 2008 that hundreds of people with “terrorist connections” had been arrested at the Texas border since 2006.

”A 2021 A report by the Cato Institute, a libertarian organization in Washington, D.C., found that between 1975 and 2020, only nine people who were later convicted of planning a terrorist attack entered the country illegally,” the report continues. . Of these nine, three arrived through the southern border. Perry simply lied and claimed over 430 suspects over a period of just two years. Bad dancer, even worse liar.

“Billions of dollars have been spent trying to ‘secure’ the border,” tweeted RACE. “You could say that money was spent on ‘border security theatre’, militarization of the border, for political gain, and not much else.” Meanwhile, Abbott further hurt the Texans in the disastrous inspections he completed after the backfire. “Abbott’s chaos at the border just cost the Texas economy $4.23 billion,” tweeted Democratic opponent Beto O’Rourke. “All this so he can get 3 minutes and 20 seconds with Tucker Carlson. It’s a $1.27 billion a minute campaign ad, paid for by the people of Texas.”

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