Russia says Ukrainian employees and pensioners received 50 million rubles amid ongoing war


Russia continues to attack Ukraine on the 51st day of the war. However, the Russian Emergency Situations Ministry announced that the Russian Federation had recently donated more than 50 million rubles to Ukrainian pensioners and public sector workers, according to TASS reports. The Russian Emergencies Ministry’s press service said it was continuing to work on issuing one-time payments in the “liberated territory” of Ukraine.

He further said that over the past three weeks, more than 5,000 pensioners and workers of government-funded organizations have received 10,000 rubles. The ministry also said payments are being brought to the homes of people with low mobility and the elderly every day. In addition, regular convoys of Russian trucks carrying 700 tons of humanitarian goods brought aid to Ukraine and the Donbass region. Groceries, bottled water, baby food, daily necessities and construction tools were among the items in the shipment. The Russian assistance agency is still working on issuing payments in the “liberated areas” of Ukraine, according to TASS.

Pensioners in occupied Ukrainian areas began receiving payments of 10,000 rubles last month

Last month, the press service of the Ministry of Emergency Situations announced that pensioners and state employees in Ukrainian areas occupied by Russia had started receiving a payment of 10,000 rubles. He also claimed that the funds would be distributed to Ukrainians through mobile financial support sites. The Ukrainian government announced that it had started paying residents who had been laid off in areas where there are active hostilities.

More than 8,000 people have arrived in Russia from the Ukrainian LPR and DPR

Meanwhile, on Friday it was announced that more than 800,000 people had arrived in Russia from the LPR and DPR (Luhansk People’s Republic) and (Donetsk People’s Republic) of Ukraine, according to TASS. More than 808,000 migrants have arrived in Russia as of April 15, including more than 153,000 children. The number of people fleeing the Donbass region of Ukraine for Russia has not decreased. The latest estimate suggests that around 20,000 people cross the Russian border every day. The majority, 657,000 people, entered Russia through Rostov region checkpoints, followed by more than 74,000 through Crimea, 64,500 through Belgorod, 10,500 through Bryansk and 1,500 through checkpoints in the Kursk region. Nearly 32,000 refugees have been accommodated in 472 makeshift shelters in 45 Russian regions.

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