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Kurukshetra, May 18

A budget of Rs 17.88 crore will be spent on different interventions including the installation of sprinklers, underground pipelines, restoration of ponds and the recharge well, proposed to save groundwater under the safety plans water prepared for 27 villages in the Pehowa bloc under the Atal Bhujal Yojana.

No less than 189 villages in the Pehowa, Shahabad and Ladwa block of Kurukshetra have been identified as dark areas and selected under the central program aided by the World Bank. Village-specific water security plans needed to be prepared to understand the problems of falling groundwater levels and improve the situation.

According to groundwater experts working on this project, while Rs 6.77 crore will be spent on sprinklers, Rs 1.12 crore on drip irrigation system, Rs 2.25 crore on underground pipes, Rs 5.04 crore for restoration of 23 ponds and Rs 2.68 crore for 112 recharges. well.

Groundwater expert and hydrologist Baru Ram Sagwal said: “The water safety plans of 27 villages including Arnaicha, Batheri, Bibipur Kalan, Ishaq, Neemwala, Seonsar, Surmi, Thana, Kalsa, Satora and Murtzapur , were approved. The interventions will help save groundwater and recharge it. »

Another expert, Dr Naveen Nain, said: “Village-specific water safety plans were prepared after consultation with farmers and sent to higher authorities with recommendations for different interventions to improve the groundwater situation. A budget for 27 villages has been released for the implementation of interventions. Implementation work will begin soon.

“While plans for 116 villages have been prepared and submitted, the others are to be prepared by the end of June. Ongoing interventions will be implemented on the fields of farmers who had given their consent. water will be reviewed and renewed after June and we expect more farmers to approach us in the coming days and their requests will be forwarded to higher authorities so that more areas can be covered,” he added.

Groundwater Conservation

  • Interventions include installation of sprinklers, underground pipes, restoration of ponds and the recharge well, proposed to conserve groundwater as part of water safety plans
  • A total of 189 villages have been identified as dark areas and selected under the central program supported by the World Bank

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