Rome received patch 1.3 and Legion combat system overhaul –


Developer Logic Artists and publisher THQ Nordic have released patch 1.3 aimed at introducing a variety of bug fixes, gameplay updates, and an overhaul to the Legion combat system.

Among other things, the developers added a few new tutorials for new features, adjusted the balance of several Legion missions, made it possible to access Outpost Manager features when in range on the world map . This means that players’ water will be automatically replenished, no food or water will be consumed while in range of the outpost, Praetorians who have completed their missions will be returned to ready status and Moreover.

As for bug fixes, the team did the following:

  • Added some more checks to make sure the Legion Battle mob music stops after the battle ends.
  • Fixed an issue where decommissioning the player character early from the hospital assignment could cause issues.
  • Fixed an issue on the Rubicon involving leaving the intro cinematic player and then loading autosave, may get stuck on a black loading screen.
  • Fixed an issue where it was possible to get the briefing for Pacifications even if the quest was not active under certain circumstances.
  • Fixed an issue where the Arcana Imperii achievement would not unlock with certain dialog branches.

The Legion combat system was streamlined rely fully on pitting your centurions’ command specializations against those of the enemy army to unlock special effects that can turn the tide of battle. All Stratagems have been revamped to add or remove Specialization Points, and several balancing changes have also been made to the system. More importantly, manpower attrition is now entirely based on the size of the opposing army.


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