Prince Charles just received an unexpected slap on the wrist


Prince Charles and his wife, Camilla, are preparing to travel to Rwanda to represent Queen Elizabeth at the Commonwealth Heads of Government Meeting. Before his trip, however, the future king was “accused of interference” after he denounced the UK’s plan to deport Rwandan asylum seekers (per PA News). Traditionally, members of the royal family are expected to remain neutral on political issues and cannot influence government decisions. However, a source said The temperature that the prince reportedly described the deportation plan as “appalling” and that he was “beyond disappointed with the policy”.

Although Charles reportedly made his remarks in private conversation, he was criticized for commenting on government affairs. Nigel Farage, the founder of the Brexit Party (by British), criticized the royal on Twitter. Farage wrote: “Unless Prince Charles wants to destroy the monarchy, he had better shut up quickly.” Another unidentified cabinet member responded by telling The Times: “Prince Charles is an adornment to our public life, but it will cease to be charming if he tries to behave in the same way when he is king. ”

Clarence House issued a statement following this series of events, saying, “We would not comment on purported anonymous private conversations with the Prince of Wales except to reaffirm that he remains politically neutral” (via AP News). This is not the first time that Prince Charles has been accused of interference. According The Guardianthe prince has previously been reprimanded for speaking out on issues including climate change, integrated medicine and genetically modified crops.


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