Prime Minister Mitsotakis in the Cabinet: four billion euros spent to fight imported inflation


Prime Minister Kyriakos Mitsotakis began his speech at Tuesday’s online cabinet meeting by discussing the war in Ukraine and its painful repercussions. He noted that “global problems require global solutions but, at the same time, they also require national measures.”

The Prime Minister went on to raise the prospect that Greece could play a key role in the new energy map that is emerging in the Eastern Mediterranean. He noted that “the Greek proposal for joint purchases and storage of natural gas on behalf of all EU member states” was on the table, as well as the “really complex procedure for controlling the wholesale price of natural gas, which is ultimately what determines the price of electricity in all European countries.

Mitsotakis also referred to the measures adopted to counter the profiteering, pointing out that the government has proven in practice that it does not hesitate to act to defend the interests of the citizens and to intervene, when necessary, to control the impunity of the Marlet. He noted that the measures taken to mitigate imported inflation so far amount to four billion euros and are continuing in four directions:

– Support the income of the most vulnerable groups with a one-off benefit of 200 euros before Easter
– coverage of a significant part of the increase in electricity prices
– fuel subsidies
– special provisions for small and medium-sized enterprises, farmers and transport.

“For now, two things are certain: first, there is absolute sufficiency [of goods] on the market and, secondly, there will be intensive controls of the market to avoid the phenomena of profit, “assured the Prime Minister to the ministers.

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He also mentioned the university upgrading law: “[Public] education has always been….in Greece, an essential transmission belt of social mobility. It must offer everyone real tools for advancement. I would also say that this is an area where liberal thought struggles against the dogma of stagnation. So that’s why this reform is so important.”


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