Post Malone says he spent $800,000 on a Magic: The Gathering card


Modern celebrities are much more open about their respective fandoms, whether it’s Joe Manganiello’s outspoken love for Dungeons and Dragons or Stephen Colbert instructing guests on the world of the Lord of the Rings. Post Malone is another celebrity who regularly talks about his love for the popular collectible card game, Magic The Gathering, openly discussing the money he spends on cards, whether they be newer sets or sought-after classics. It was on the latter that he spent an exorbitant sum, telling radio host Howard Stern that he recently spent $800,000 on one of the most popular cards in card game history. .


Magic The Gathering is widely regarded as the first modern collectible card game, with Wizards of the Coast releasing the very first set in 1993 to huge acclaim. The game pits players against each other in different game types, such as a typical 1v1 game or the more complex Commander playstyle, with decks built using up to five suits offering unique abilities and creatures.

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As mentioned above, Post Malone was recently a guest on The Howard Stern Show to promote his latest album, Twelve Carat Toothache, and his 2022 tour when he is admitted to his big prize Magic purchase. Post was talking about a typical recording day, saying that after he woke up later that day, he would usually play Apex Legends or consult Magic The Gathering cards. Stern then asked what was the most expensive card he had ever bought, to which Post said he had spent $800,000 on an “artist’s impression, Black Lotus signed by Chris Rush”.

The Black Lotus is widely regarded as the most expensive and sought after non-promotional card in Magic The Gathering‘s story. In early Alpha and Beta, it was common for players to have decks with 20 Black Lotus cards as it cost no mana to play and in turn let players add three mana of any what color to their mana pool before casting it. This allowed players to get off to a quick start, sometimes winning games in the first round with the right cards. Due to subsequent bans, restrictions and rule changes, Black Lotus has not been featured or reprinted in any sets since the 1994 Unlimited Set, and has become much harder to find in good condition ever since.

While the Black Lotus is already an expensive card, with cards in good to excellent condition selling for around $500,000, the late Chris Rush’s signature further explains the $800,000 price tag on the Post card. Rush was one of the original 25 artists who provided the art for the first sets, Rush in particular creating the art for around 100 cards, including the Black Lotus.

Although the price of Post’s special Black Lotus may have been raised by Magic The Gathering, that pales in comparison to another celebrity buying a trading card. Logan Paul caused an uproar in the Pokemon community in April 2022 when it was revealed that he purchased an Illustrator Pikachu card worth over $5 million and wore it as part of his WrestleMania hall.

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