Players who have received the highest ratings so far


Madden 23 ratings are coming this week, with EA Sports dropping positions one by one every day.

With more than 20 days until the video game community can get their hands on Madden 23, we’ve already seen some impressive ratings.

So far, everything from running backs to leading runners to those who have managed to become the illustrious truncheon 99 was revealed, giving fans a taste of who to play with and who not to play in the game.

When it comes to players, there’s no doubt that a star player can make or break a game, especially in a game like Madden 23.

Here are all the players who have placed first in various positions in Madden 23 so far.

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Highest Ranked Players in Madden 23

During its Madden 23 review week, Madden 23 was in the spotlight with its August 19, 2022 release date.

According EA, the following players have achieved first place in various positions. Let’s cut to the chase.

wide receiver

EA Sports started with wide receivers as the annual notes reveal, the period has begun. Davante Adams tops the list after recently being inducted into the Madden 99-Overall club.

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tight end

Travis Kelce

Travis Kelce is considered one of the best tight ends of all time. Throughout his career, Kelce set several records with his club and the NFL. In terms of touchdowns, he is the best tight end, no wonder he received an overall rating of 98.

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Come back

Madden 23: the best running back Derrick Henry

According to Madden 23, which released its ratings for running backs on Tuesday, July 20, Derrick Henry is the best running back in the league. Henry has an overall rating of 97.

However, Henry was not considered the fastest running back in Madden 23, as Raheem Mostert took the top spot.

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Madden 23 best linebacker Fred Warner

Warner, the defensive anchor for the San Francisco 49ers, received the top spot from Madden 23 for the position. It received a rating of 94, which is pretty good.

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Madden 23 Tyrann Mathieu safe

Tyrann Mathieu of the New Orleans Saints received a 94 rating as a safety, one of the most important positions on the football field.

He finished first, one point ahead of Derwin James Jr. and two points ahead of Budda Baker.

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madden 23: best kicker justin tucker

Justin Tucker of the Baltimore Ravens took first place in this category, with an OVR rating of 90.

In the top three, he’s joined by Harrison Butker of the 84 Kansas City Chiefs and Evan McPherson of the 83 Cincinnati Bengals.

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However, based on the positions revealed above, we can expect more to be revealed during Madden’s review week. We will update this section.

The game will be released on PS4, PS5, Xbox Oneand computeranother reason the gaming community is excited.

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