Peruvian regions received more than 10,869 million soles in mining royalties between January and October


Statement by MINEM

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In October, the regions received more than 10,869 million shillings in economic transfers from the mining sub-sector, such as mining cannon, mining royalties and the right of validity and penalty, which allows them to have resources for make the necessary investments in favor of the mining sector. population. , reported the Ministry of Energy and Mines (MINEM).

According to the Mining Statistical Bulletin (BEM) prepared by the General Directorate of Mining Promotion and Sustainability (DGPSM) of MINEM, this year the Mining Canon closed at more than S/7,844 million, with transfers made to the January and July, while for mining royalties from October regions received a higher amount of 2,735 million shillings.

Likewise, according to the “Report on the Management of Mining Rights of September 2022 – INGEMMET”, transfers by Right of Validity and Penalty reached more than 289 million S / until last August, with the entity Geological Institute Mining and Metallurgy (INGEMMET) in charge of collecting and disseminating this mining concept.

The MINEM estimated that these transfers will benefit the populations who are around the mining operations with the realization of public investment projects, which will improve their quality of life.

Among the regions with the highest transfers are: Áncash (S/2,866 million), which retains first place as the department with the highest participation; while in second place is Arequipa (S/ 1,483 million) and in third place Ica (S/ 1,278 million).

It should be noted that in September, a total of 695 mining units were registered that carried out exploitation activities (metallic and non-metallic), while 414 units respond to exploration activities, according to the monthly statistical declaration. (ESTAMIN), which records that mining activity is carried out on 1.42% of the national territory.


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