Pat Boone Says He Was Baptized In Holy Spirit Saved Marriage

Pat Boon
Pat Boone on the set of “The Mulligan” in 2022 |

Being baptized in the Holy Spirit gave music and film icon Pat Boone and his wife, Shirley, a second chance as their marriage crumbled, the 87-year-old revealed while discussing his next film “The Mulligan”.

A dynamic Boone stars in the upcoming film based on the popular book by Wally Armstrong and Ken Blanchard.

Scheduled to debut in select theaters nationwide over two days on April 18-19 via ReelWorks Studios and Fathom Events, “The Mulligan” weaves life lessons inspired by the game of golf.

Mulligan is a term that allows for a second chance after the first try has gone wrong. In some informal golf games, opponents will grant a player the courtesy of a do-over if he blunders.

“In the game of life, God makes the rules and He can give you a mulligan, a second chance,” the outspoken Christian explained with The Christian Post in a video interview.

“That’s the theme of this film. It’s all about golf. It’s an exciting and well-made film about golf, the subject that millions of people love. But there is [very few] golf movies. God can give you a second chance, and if you make the right choices, you can have a much better life in this area and in the one that is inevitably coming for all of us.

Now 87, Boone said he needed a second chance at life. With four children and 16 grandchildren, the gold record artist admits there was a time when his marriage “nearly fell apart”.

Boone’s wife of 65 years, Shirley, died in 2019 at the age of 84.

“I can talk about it now, but after having four kids…by the time we were 23 and I graduated from college, neither of us realized that maybe it would end up having consequences on the Shirley’s body,” he said.

“There was a time after we moved to California and I was a big star and everything was so good when I just put my arm around Shirley or wanted to kiss her on the cheek [and] she would say, ‘No way! Whenever we have some kind of ailment, for whatever reason, I get nauseous and I can’t help it.

The artist said it was a difficult season for him as a man and a husband.

“It’s kinda hard on a husband who can’t even hug his wife or kiss her or anything without her getting sick in her stomach,” he noted. “I wanted her to go to a doctor, but she said, ‘No, I’m sure I’ll get through this. But it lasted a while. And I have to say, I started to think, “If this is where our marriage goes, she’s going to get sick every time I try to be in love.” It will not last. ”

Boone said she eventually went to a doctor and discovered cysts on her ovaries that developed after her children were born. She was treated surgically and the couple was able to become affectionate again. But Boone said that didn’t happen until they had an encounter with the Spirit of God.

“This problem led us to receive the baptism of the Holy Spirit, which, as good practicing Christians, taught us that all those wonderful supernatural things that happened to Christians in the first century were not for today. “, did he declare.

“We never expected anything supernatural in our lives, but now that we have experienced deliverance from this disease, [we] Even seeing pain and suffering for a while had its purpose. [It] not only show[ed] something had to be corrected, which would have gotten worse and worse in his life, … but also during this time we learned that we could have the supernatural indwelling of the Holy Spirit through the baptism of the Holy Spirit .

The Boones were part of the Churches of Christ at that time. Because of their experience with the Holy Spirit, they were “excused or excommunicated.” Boone said the denomination believed miracles, healing and being filled with the presence of God was something that only happened to first-century Christians.

“At the time, we were the best known members of the Church of Christ, who did not subscribe to the baptism of the Holy Spirit and thought that Shirley and I were being misled and because of our example we were teaching lies to others,” he said. “So we were declared non-members. piece of the Holy Spirit.

The exclusion made headlines at the time.

“Well, a lot more members of the Church of Christ have learned who that Holy Spirit is, and gradually that rift has been lifted,” the Broadway headliner told CP. “But even that has worked as a blessing in our personal lives.”

Boone’s experience with the supernatural presence of God is detailed in his New York Times bestseller, A new song. Boone says he was reinstated in the Churches of Christ and recently visited one of his churches in Nashville.

“More and more people are now coming to understand that what happened in the first century was not just for then, but is for now,” he argued. “We are supposed to live supernatural lives. If we are truly Christians and children of the living God, filled with the Spirit of Jesus, who healed the sick and raised the dead, if that same Spirit dwells in us, He has no not changed and we expect supernatural things in our lives because the whole relationship with God is supernatural.

Boone plays a witty mentor in “The Mulligan” alongside Eric Close (“Nashville”), Tanya Christiansen (“I Still Believe”) and Charmin Lee (“Just Mercy”). His character helps to aid the character of Close, a successful young businessman whose personal life is falling apart.

“It’s really a great opportunity to say things that I believe in, [that] I don’t always get the chance to tell,” Boone told CP. “Big success can be the worst thing that happens to you because you get so in love, so used to it, and you think it’s because you’re so good in some way, or you’ve done such good choices.”

Watching documentaries about successful people, the Florida native said the storyline often goes back to his childhood, where he was disabled or treated poorly. He said it shows how hard the subject works and becomes “takeover kings in business” and multi-millionaires, even billionaires. But, the problem, Boone said, is that they only trust their own success and wealth.

“They don’t really realize there’s a life beyond that. That life is pretty short compared to eternity,” Boone warned. “They don’t prepare for existence. I won’t say life [because] we don’t die. … [we] continue into eternity.

Boone recently wrote a new book called Yes, which will be released later this year. It details eternity and what comes after this life.

“The if it’s heaven or hell,” he clarified. “Even in many churches today, there is not enough preaching. where we spend eternity, and there are only two choices – heaven or hell.

“God’s choice is heaven,” he continued. “He wants us to come with him and he’s made all the arrangements, and it’s free, and it’s ready for us if we want to investigate. Jesus said, ‘The way to eternal life is hard and the narrow door, there are few that I find.’ Well, finding it indicates that you must look for it.”

Boone said he knows a lot of people with “earthly success” who are upset and dissatisfied.

“Even though they have more money than they would ever spend, wealth, power and fame, there’s something inside that tells them, ‘This isn’t going to last. What’s after that, whatever? They don’t know. There’s this uncertainty and this unease.

Boone said he will live out the rest of his days on earth creating more inspirational content and being generous.

“I am at a stage in my life where I no longer need to build anything more for myself, but I am taking many opportunities in which I can increase my giving because God loves a cheerful giver, and I am a happy giver,” Boone testified. “I love to keep increasing the ways I can give to things that need help. It feels so good to not only be able to wish you could help someone you love or care about or a problem you I want to promote, but I can really do it.

Boone said he was in a “Joseph position” and would continue to be a blessing to his loved ones.

“My life right now is movies, books, songs. I’m still writing, singing and still recording,” he told CP.

Boone said he recorded 2,300 songs in his career, more songs than Frank Sinatra or Bing Crosby.

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