Orsolya Gaal’s husband received a message from the alleged killer after his murder


Authorities are investigating the disturbing discovery of a woman’s body near her home in Queens.

Orsolya Gaal, 51, found dead in a sports bag was stabbed nearly 60 times.

With her alleged killer on the loose, details emerged that left her family in fear for her safety.

Orsolya Gaal’s husband reportedly received a text message from his alleged killer after his murder.

Authorities are said to have heard information from the woman’s family about her last moments and what happened after her death.

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On Saturday morning around 8am, a man found Gaal’s body stuffed inside a duffel bag on a popular walking path at the corner of Metropolitan Avenue and Forest Park Drive.

When police began looking for clues, they found a trail of blood running away from the body that led to Gaal’s house, less than half a mile from where his body had been discovered.

The son of Orsolya Gaal was first arrested.

At Gaal’s home, police spoke to her 13-year-old son and learned that Gaal’s husband was out of state with the couple’s 17-year-old son to visit colleges in Portland.

Despite being a ‘person of interest’ in the case, Gaal’s younger son was later handed over to an unspecified adult guardian. As of this writing, no one else has been arrested in connection with Orsolya Gaal’s death.

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The suspected murderer of Orsolya Gaal is still at large.

According to reports, Klein received a text from the alleged killer saying, “Your whole family is next.”

Gaal is believed to have gone out to meet girlfriends but may have returned home with a man around 11pm who allegedly killed her in his basement before disposing of her body.

There was no sign of forced entry into her home, leading police to believe that Gaal willingly let the killer into her home.

At present, there are still more questions than answers regarding Gaal’s killer, but police say the killer may have been a man known to Gaal.

Her son was said to have been upstairs when the murder took place and was unaware of what had happened.

Detectives would have discovered Gaal exchanges with three different men on his phone and plans to speak to each of them.

Additionally, police obtained surveillance video from the night Gaal disappeared which appears to show the bag in which Gaal’s body was later found after being dragged down a sidewalk near her home by an unknown person.

Many are horrified by the brutal murder, but the police are only just beginning their investigation, and look for more evidenceincluding other surveillance footage of places Gaal may have visited on the night of his disappearance.

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