oindrila: ‘I received beautiful gifts from Maa and Ankush,’ says birthday girl Oindrila Sen

It is indeed a special day for Oindrila Sen. The pretty actress, who turned a year older, hasn’t been surprised since midnight. Right from a surprise birthday party at home, hosted by her close friends and handsome Ankush Hazra, with warm wishes, Oindrila’s birthday is filled with special moments.

“I have surprises from midnight. There were beautiful cakes, gifts, followed by many other surprises,” says the actress, whose phone keeps ringing. She is inundated with warm wishes from her friends, industry colleagues and fans.

Food made by mom is a must for Oindrila, especially on her birthday. The actress-turned-fitness fan doesn’t count her calories on March 31! “I started my day with Porota and Alur Torkari (laughs). It tasted more like heaven because I had had it after months,” she said.

Asked about the gifts, Oindrila shared that she had received a number of gifts from loved ones. “I am inundated with gifts. Maa gave me a beautiful diamond bracelet. Ankush gave me a number of gifts, including a pair of beautiful shoes. I have something for him too, in return. I gave him pants.

Celebration is certainly on the cards. Speaking about the special evening, Oindrila says, “I will have a cozy meeting in the evening. My life is not complete without some of my close friends who will be attending the birthday party.


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