No hospitals received price transparency notices in April, CMS says


CMS issued no additional warning notices to hospitals not complying with its price transparency regulations in April, CMS said. Becker’s. About 345 notices have been sent to hospitals since the rule came into effect on January 1, 2021.

CMS has the authority to request a corrective action plan if it finds that a hospital is not complying with one or more of the requirements of the rule designed to inform patients of the fees charged by a hospital for the items and services it provides . CMS can issue a civil monetary penalty if a hospital does not respond to its request.

No additional corrective action plan requests have been issued since March, according to CMS. The agency has made 136 requests for corrective action plans from hospitals since Jan. 1, 2021. Hospitals are asked to provide corrective action plans when they receive warning notices but have not made corrections .

Since the rule took effect, 145 hospitals have had their cases closed after issuing citations, CMS said. That’s up from March, when CMS issued 124 closed case notices.

Since every hospital that was reviewed has corrected its price transparency issues or is in the process of doing so, CMS has not issued any sanctions. The maximum penalty for non-compliance is $2 million.

CMS will publicly name hospitals that have received monetary penalties on its website. Those who only received notices will not be named, CMS said.

“Prematurely releasing this information could identify hospitals that have already taken corrective action and come into compliance after issuing a warning notice,” the agency said.


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