Martín Palermo has received a call from San Lorenzo and could become the next coach


Saint Laurent wants to start amending the sporting and institutional disaster in which he lives and in the last hours the sports council led by Fernando Berón and Matías Caruzzo, contacted Martin Palermo to which looking forward to leading the team next season.

El Loco just did a big campaign with Aldosivi from Mar del Plataa team that managed to qualify for the quarter-finals of the Super League Cup and were eliminated by Racing in this case.

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The profile of Palermo, a coach who points to pressure, good ball handling and direct attack, is of great interest to the current management who discovered the conditions of his contract with the Mar del Plata club, which ends in December of this year. This means that in the event that he is the chosen one, San Lorenzo should financially compensate the Shark.

Palermo has a contract with Aldosivi until December this year(@clubaldosivi).

Other names that sound on the market of the Cyclone are Pipo Gorositovery comfortable in Gimnasia y Esgrima de la Plata, and Rubén Dario Insuaidol of the institution and currently unemployed.

Insúa, who achieved San Lorenzo in the 2002-2003 season, stage in which he won the 2002 South American Cup and a large number of young people have been promoted, they come from various experiences abroad. His last was at Deportivo Binacional in Peru, although it only lasted three games: after two defeats and a draw, he was fired.

The possibility of the arrival of Mauricio Pellegrino in decline for his recent past at Vélez. From the management, they are looking for someone linked to the club to face a complicated present at an institutional and sporting level.

The two candidates to take the reins of San Lorenzo are Rubén Insúa and Pipo Gorosito.  (Photos: Reuters and EFE)
The two candidates to take the reins of San Lorenzo are Rubén Insúa and Pipo Gorosito. (Photos: Reuters and EFE)

As they continue to search for the ideal strategist to take charge of Ciclón’s first team, the leaders of Saint Laurent they have already contacted beron only on Mondays and for a few days (until they have a technician) must take charge of training the first team.

San Lorenzo seeks to raise the bar: Matías Caruzzo is the new coordinator of professional football

Saint Laurent announced that Matias Caruzzo will be the new Professional football coordinator. The arrival of the former footballer in this new role is one of the steps taken with the mission of leading the way in a club that is going through a deep institutional and sporting crisis.

Caruzzo signed the contract last Tuesday that binds him to Cyclone. The former defender will be permanently advised by Fernando Beron, who will return to his central role as youth football coordinator. Both of them, as well as the members of the board of directors, They will form a Soccer Table.

(Photo: San Lorenzo Press)
(Photo: San Lorenzo Press)

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