Lodi officer Erika Urrea, who rescued a man in a wheelchair from a train, leaves the police department


LODI, Calif. (KTXL) — On Wednesday, the Lodi Police Department said goodbye to Officer Erika Urrea, who rose to fame after saving a man’s life in 2020 when her electric wheelchair got stuck in the train tracks with a train coming towards him.

According to a Facebook post from the Lodi Police Department, Officer Urrea has worked his last shift and will soon begin working as an investigator for the San Joaquin County District Attorney.

In 2020, while on duty, Constable Urrea rescued a 66-year-old man whose electric wheelchair got stuck in train tracks when a train arrived. Officer Urrea pulled the man from his wheelchair, saving him just as the train struck his wheelchair. The man was injured in the leg, but survived thanks to Officer Urrea.

The message said Officer Urrea was a cadet for three years before being hired at the Lodi Police Department. She was later hired as a patrol officer and became a detective with the General Investigations Unit. She obtained her baccalaureate in 2014 and her rank of master officer in 2015.

During her time on the force, Officer Urrea “was on CINT and UAV teams, served as a Cadet Advisor, Range Master and EVOC Instructor. She received six letters of congratulations and two letters of appreciation while on the force and in 2020 won the Department’s Silver Star and Life-Saving Awards. In 2021, she again won the Life-Saving Award.

In January 2022, Officer Urrea was awarded the “Governor’s Public Safety Medal of Valor for heroic actions and bravery”.


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