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When: Lititz City Council, March 29.

What come: Lititz Borough paid tribute to a young woman who helped save the life of a Lititz mother in early March. Shauna Lukus received a Citizens Commendation from Mayor Timothy Snyder and the Lititz Borough Police Department.

context: Lukus, 19, was driving home from visiting friends in Lititz on March 2 when she noticed a young boy outside her home on West Second Avenue. The child was frantically seeking help for his mother, who was inside and suffering a medical emergency that left her unconscious and not breathing. “I quit right away,” Lukus said, adding that the child pointed her out and told her he was alone with his mother. Lukus made sure 911 was called, and almost immediately the ambulance arrived to treat his mother. Lukus stayed with the boy and helped comfort him while his mother was treated. Lukus stayed with the child until other family members were notified and could come to the house.

Quotes“Your actions not only played a vital role in caring for the child’s needs, but also contributed to the success and safety of her mother’s medical emergency,” Mayor Snyder said. Lititz Borough Police Chief Kerry Nye noted in the police commendation, “The agency is grateful for your intervention and appreciates your efforts on the night of March 2, 2022. Congratulations on a job well done !”

Emergency services report: Warwick Emergency Services Commission Fire Commissioner Duane Ober said Lititz Fire Company has 42 volunteers, with 25 firefighters responding to at least 10% of calls. Ober said Lititz Fire Company averages 5 minutes in response time and arrives on scene within 8 minutes. The ambulance response time is even faster at just over 5 minutes, mainly because the ambulance staff are on call at the ambulance station. With city funding, Lititz Fire Company was able to field a new fire truck and crew in 2021, at a cost of $780,000 for both.

Volunteer Incentives: Eligible volunteers can receive a $200 tax credit, Ober said, noting that in 2021, the Borough of Lititz paid eight volunteers $1,600. WESC is also able to offer gift cards through local businesses, allowing firefighters completing their fire training to receive up to $450 in gift cards from pizza places, stores and other companies.

Community events: The Board approved permits for special events and activities, including Second Fridays, the Lions of Lititz Easter Egg Hunt at Bonfield Elementary School on April 16, the Spring Festival of the Lititz Elementary on May 13 and the Lancaster Symphony Memorial Day Concert at Lititz Springs Park on May 28. Other events include Venture Lititz Taste of Lititz on June 3, Lititz Chooses Love Lititz Pride Fest at Lititz Springs Park on June 19, Patriotic Lions Parade and Entertainment on July 1, Lititz Outdoor Fine Art Show at Lititz Springs Park on July 30 and Then Sings My Soul concert at Lititz Springs Park on August 21.


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