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The government plans to spend $1 billion to cover a three-quarter mile section of the Kensington Freeway to “correct past injustices for communities of color”.

Yes, it was wrong to divide this neighborhood. But is that a worthwhile use of $1 billion to resolve feelings of guilt for what has been done in the past?

Who and how many people will benefit? And what exactly should happen once the project is complete, not to mention the ongoing maintenance costs?

Think what a billion dollars could accomplish for so many people in this field struggling with day-to-day issues they struggle with. How about more programs for young people, starting at an early age, to point them towards a future of success? Removed lead pipes, better health care options, more transportation options for those without cars, housing improvements (new siding, insulation, windows), more Bailey Green Initiative, more job opportunities, healthier food options.

Investments like these would affect many more and have a much greater impact in correcting past injustices. Spending $1 billion on this project, rather than other programs, is another great injustice inflicted on those it is supposed to help.


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