Lakhs spent, no respite in sight from stray dog ​​threat in Patiala: The Tribune India


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Patiala, May 3

Residents of Patiala are scratching their heads wondering when the town will be free from the threat of stray dogs, even though the Municipal Corporation has spent over Rs 25 lakh on the process in a year and only sterilized 3,062 dogs .

According to the MC’s survey conducted in 2019, there were approximately 288 stray dogs in each of the city’s 60 neighborhoods. Subsequently, the MC issued tenders for the sterilization of the dogs. He sterilized 3,062 dogs and spent Rs 25.72 lakh on the process. Officials said they would continue the sterilization campaign to ensure the threat was eradicated. The officials pointed out that the MC had spayed 1,342 female dogs and 1,720 male dogs at a cost of Rs 840 per dog which included their food, neutering, shelter and other expenses.

Meanwhile, residents questioned the pace of the sterilization process and said, “The Municipal Corporation only sterilized 3,062 dogs in one year, which works out to an average of eight dogs a day. It’s a slow pace considering the number of dogs in town. Additionally, at the time of the company’s survey, there were approximately 17,000 dogs in the city. Given their rapid breeding, the company needed to speed up its sterilization but it got stuck on an average of eight dogs a day.

Residents also questioned the society’s process for neutering all male and female dogs. “They should instead focus on neutering female dogs only. This method reduces the number of targeted strays to nearly half and can help achieve the intended results,” residents said.

City Commissioner Keshav Hingonia said, “Currently the sterilization process in the city is at a standstill as the previous tender has ended. We will launch a new call for tenders in which the pace of sterilization will be accelerated. »


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