Kikilias: Greece has already welcomed 500,000 American tourists


ATHENS – Minister of Tourism, Vassilis Kikilias, underlined on Monday the importance of tourism product in terms of development, investments and high profit opportunities during the 1st International Conference on Business and Hospitality organized by Liquid Media and Insider on Monday.

“The tourism product is a reliable investment and will be for decades to come. Especially for 2022, tourism – based on all indications – is the main source of revenue for the state,” Kikilias said, while adding, “As I said before, what interests us in the ministry of Tourism and to the government as a whole is that the dividend of the success of our tourism product goes, without intermediaries, to the average Greek family.

The minister said there were already measurable results from the policies adopted by the government to extend the tourist season, promote new destinations and boost the flow of tourists from strong markets with high spenders.

“Based on the strategy we adopted in the winter, we already have 500,000 travelers directly from America to the capital: from Atlanta, Chicago, New York, Washington and now also from Boston. It was with great joy that I watched Delta’s events in Boston this weekend with our consulate and travelers welcoming the resumption of direct Boston-Athens flights after three decades.” he declares.

This added value to the Greek tourism product which then translated into growth, investments that come here to stay and increased revenue from freight transport throughout the year,” the minister added.

Kikilias placed particular emphasis on investments aimed at modernizing tourist accommodation and implementing major infrastructure projects throughout the country, directly related to the development of the tourism sector.

“Banks are rightly showing great interest in the tourism sector. Business people, whether domestic or foreign, rightly regard it as a development sector rich in opportunities – in the short, medium and long term – and with very high profits,” he noted. .

The Minister also underlined the importance of the successful rebranding carried out by Greece as one of the safest destinations in the world, during the years of the pandemic.


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