Josie Bates Balka has received praise for her culinary creation


Ancient Raising Bates Star Josie Bates Balka showed off her latest culinary creation to fans and now she’s getting praise for it. What has Josie up to and what are the fans saying? Keep reading to get all the details and see what she’s been cooking up recently.

If you follow Josie and her husband Kelton Balka on social media, you may have seen them hard at work in the kitchen. They often cook delicious meals for themselves and their two daughters, Willow, 3, and Hazel, 1. They sometimes cook meat on the grill.

While they share behind-the-scenes insights, they also occasionally share recipes and recommendations.

One meal, in particular, got a lot of positive attention online.

Josie Bates Balka is receiving praise for her recent creation.

On her instagram stories On Monday, Josie shared with fans that she was throwing dinner in the slow cooker to enjoy later. She said she had a busy day, so she needed something quick and easy to eat for her family. She took some pictures while putting the ingredients in the slow cooker.

Below, you can see the photos that Josie Bates shared in the kitchen. She put meat, pepperoncini peppers and a packet of gravy in the slow cooker.

Raising Bates, Josie Bates Balka Instagram

On Reddit, these photos were reposted by a confused fan. They called the meal “interesting” and seemed skeptical of it.

However, the fan was quickly corrected by other fans familiar with the dish. Fans said it was known as the Mississippi Roast. A few fans have noted that the dish is popular on slow cooker recipe pages. Someone called it ‘super delicious’, while another added, ‘A little salty, but good enough for a filling meal. It’s super popular on the slow cooker subreddit.

Even people who don’t like the Bates family or Josie Bates, in particular, applaud her for this delicious meal. A Reddit user says, “I agree and I’m not a fan of Josie. It’s so good and it’s even better after a long, chilly day.

Looks like this recipe was a hit. Josie Bates Balka will likely be documenting many more meals, so stay tuned.

So, what do you think of the culinary creation of Josie Bates Balka? Have you ever heard of Mississippi braise? Speak out in the comments section below and come back to TV shows for more Raising Bates new.

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