‘It Hit Home’ – Virat Kohli reveals the exact text he received from MS Dhoni during his struggle


The resurgence of former Indian team skipper Virat Kohli excited his fans who saw the worst of him until July this year when India toured England. The tour went down following a bad IPL and Kohli’s breaks weren’t improving his form either. As a result, the pressure kept mounting. Nevertheless, he went his own way by taking a month off and it didn’t work wonders?

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The change in his demeanor was clearly visible in the Asian Cup where he broke his century-long drought with a ton against Afghanistan. After this round, he revealed how only MS Dhoni was the only “friend” who contacted him.

“When I quit as test captain, only Dhoni called me, no one else did, although many had my number,” he said.

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“There’s a certain respect and connection you have with someone and if it’s genuine it shows. It also shows there’s security in the relationship – if I want to suggest something someone, I will contact them personally and tell them what I think and what needs to be done, rather than going out and talking about it publicly.

Nevertheless, Kohli revealed what was the exact text he received from MSD. Besides, it was logical!

“The only person who really reached out to me was MS Dhoni. For me, it’s such a blessing to know that I could have such a strong bond and relationship with someone who is so senior to me. C It’s more like a friendship based on a lot of mutual respect, and that’s one of the things he mentioned in the same message to me. It was “when you expect that you are strong and seen as a strong individual, people forget to ask you how you are,” Kohli revealed in a podcast made for RCB.

“It hit me. I was like, ‘this is it.’ find a way and show us the way. Sometimes what you realize is that at some point you really need to take a step back and understand how you are doing, what your well-being is,” added the player.

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