I saved my plant from dying by using a cheap Dollar Tree item, and it’s not even designed for flowers


GREEN-fingered people will be no strangers to the struggle to keep plants alive all year round.

But fear not, as a plant lover has revealed how she brought her flower back from the brink using a cheap Dollar Tree item.


The Reddit user shared his helpful tip on how to breathe new life into your plantsCredit: Getty

The Reddit user shared the savvy hack so others can find an inexpensive solution to protect plants from pests or even create an amazing terrarium.

She noticed that her begonia snail seemed to be “slowly dying” and asked for help to help her flower in the hour of need.

The striking flower, which sports a stunning single spiral through its foliage, typically thrives in partial shade and soil rich in organic matter.

Redditor @UnfortunateMeanderer explained that she kept the plant at an east-facing window in a soil mix of peat moss, perlite and potting.

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But despite her best efforts, he began to deteriorate, leaving the woman desperate for an idea to save him.

However, she had a eureka moment during her time of crisis – and created an amazing savior for her begonia snail with some Dollar Tree items.

The social media user, armed only with a hot glue gun, impressively fashioned a humidity dome from six photo frames.

She then artfully filled in the gaps with “what she had on hand”, which, in this case, was string.

The flower fanatic then shared her affordable hack online in a bid to save other plants with similar issues.

The cover creates the perfect environment for a plant to thrive, as it traps moisture in the air and soil below the cover.

This creates a warmer climate that will nourish germinating seeds and young plants in cold weather.

It also protects them from other annoying external factors such as pests, making humidity domes perfect for outdoor use as well.

The Redditor proudly proclaimed his success and shared a sweet photo of his little begonia snail on the road to recovery.

She wrote, “My begonia was crispy around the edges so I made a humidity dome out of Dollar Tree frames. Hope that’s happier!”

Other users applauded the woman’s perseverance and cost-effective method of saving her beloved flower.

She shared a photo of her begonia snail thriving in the DIY humidity dome


She shared a photo of her begonia snail thriving in the DIY humidity domeCredit: Reddit

One wrote: “I did the exact same thing last week for my alocasia.

“After weeks of trying to find an affordable way to do this, I can’t believe how cheap and easy it was!”

Another added: “What a great idea!”

And a third commented: “Love that the special glass enclosure you created for Miss Bee Gonia allows her the perfect view of the other plant beauties in the room. Inspired by bees, Miss Gonia!”

Telling people about her plant’s progress, the woman explained that she cut the crusty leaf to redirect energy to the new leaf.

She said the humidity dome helped the flower’s healing process, meaning the regenerated leaf had no blackened edges.

We previously shared how another plant fan shared his Dollar Tree find with social media users.

The Reddit user explained that the discount store sells plastic bell domes designed to protect foliage.

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And they also make a pretty cool terrarium.

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