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Global energy prices are on the rise – so what can you do to prevent your electricity bills from skyrocketing? Simple, switch to renewable energy by installing solar panels in your home.

As well as being good for the planet, renewable energy is also cost effective. So you can enjoy your comfort at affordable prices.

Living on a sunny island, Malta has the best sources of renewable energy from solar and wind power. Turbines are massive and require regular maintenance, which makes photovoltaic panels the best choice.

Installing photovoltaic panels in your home or workplace has an initial investment cost, but these panels will soon start to pay for themselves and can also generate money, it’s better than money in the bank .

To encourage people to install solar panels in their homes, the government is offering a rebate grant which reduces the initial cost by up to €3,000.00 per family.

Using solar energy has the potential to reduce both your water and electricity bills, with the ability for you to sell any excess energy to the government, making a profit.

Any excess electricity units generated by you can be sold to Enemalta for 0.105 cents/unit over a twenty-year contract period when applying for a rebate subsidy, or 0.15 cents/unit without subsidy of discount.

But what happens during those cold winter months, after the sun goes down?

With the Battery option that Solar Solutions offers, you can store any excess power you generate in a battery to use later when needed.

Switching to solar power can be quite simple with Solar Solutions. With seventeen years of experience under their belt, the team of professionals can guide you on which solar panel will best suit your home and lifestyle.

The very first thing Solar Solutions does is understand your unique consumption habits and the space available on your roof. Once done, they will offer you a site visit to get a clearer picture of the most appropriate PV system size that meets your needs.

This means you don’t have to worry about learning the difference between a PV system, a PV system with batteries, or a solar water heater, because the pros will have your back.

The Solar Solutions team will also assess the type of power supply you have from Enemalta. Once they have established whether you have single-phase or three-phase power, they can recommend the appropriate system size for your home.

A single phase supply can handle up to 16 PV amps which would generate around 4.50 kWp, this means that 11 high powered panels can generate around 7000 units of electricity per year giving you an average of 19 units per year. day.

Once everything has been decided, they will seek your approval from the REWS department. Once your approval has been issued, you can then install your brand new solar panels!

But, the process does not end there. After installing shiny new solar panels, Solar Solutions can also take care of finalizing the REWS documents on your behalf so that you can install a meter and start benefiting from the PV system.

You are ready ! If you ever have any questions, problems or curiosities, Solar Solutions offers an after-sales service where dedicated in-house technicians and customer service agents can assist you.

So if you are still thinking about PV, now is the best time to invest in renewable energy.

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