How many people have received their £150 council tax refund – and when can you expect yours?


Households in the Black Country have started to receive their £150 council tax refunds to help with skyrocketing bills – but not everyone is getting the supplement at the same time. The money, which was given to local authorities by the government to help families amid the cost of living crisis, has started to arrive in bank accounts.

People living in municipal tax brackets A through D are eligible for the payment, which is a non-refundable rebate and not a reduction of a municipal tax bill. Those who pay council tax by direct debit should get it automatically and are encouraged not to contact their local authority, while those who don’t will need to apply.

Some people will have checked their bank balance to find a much-needed boost, but thousands more are still waiting. To complicate matters, local authorities distribute the money at different speeds, meaning people in some areas get it faster than others.

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For example, some households have been told they may have to wait until September to receive the payment, but most Sandwell residents who pay council tax by direct debit now have it. Nearly 70,000 Sandwell households have received the payment and anyone in the borough who has not received it is now invited to apply.

Rollout to other parts of the Black Country has been slower. Less than a third of refunds were paid in Wolverhampton (31,187 out of 104,825).

A third of the payments totaling nearly £35,000 have also gone to households in Walsall. In Dudley, payments began to be processed last Friday and council bosses said by Friday 40,000 refunds will have reached accounts, again representing around a third of households in the borough.

This shows that this is a postcode lottery in terms of when residents can expect to get extra money. The Sandwell council was one of the first in the country to start making payments and says everyone eligible to automatically receive the money will now have it.

This means that anyone in the borough who has not received the money and is eligible should now apply. A Sandwell Council spokesperson said: “Anyone who has not yet received their payment, or who is not paying by direct debit, should now apply for reimbursement.

“This represents approximately 60,000+ households in Sandwell. Letters have also been sent to all households who need to apply for the refund.”

The £150 rebate is being given to families to ease some of the burden of soaring household costs after energy bills soared amid 30-year high inflation, although critics say the government has not done enough to help those most in need.


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