Head of paraplegic center says 500 million rupees are spent on disabled people every year


TIMERGARA: Chief Executive of Hayatabad Paraplegic Centre, Dr Syed Mohammad Ilyas said the center has been spending Rs 400-500 million a year on treatment, rehabilitation and social training of disabled people.

The lucky spinal cord or head injury and poliovirus patients are the ones who contacted the paraplegic center in the shortest possible time,” he said at a training and awareness workshop for paraplegics on Friday. educators organized in the Shamshi Khan Talash region.

Dr Ilyas said road accidents, falls, firearms, bomb blasts, coal mine accidents etc. were the leading causes of spinal cord and spine injuries that paralyzed patients for life.

Helping Hand for Relief and Development (HHRD), a social welfare organization working for the rehabilitation of people with disabilities in different parts of the country, organized the workshop on special needs and inclusive education for educators.

Students, teachers, journalists, lawyers and local elders attended the session.

Muhammad Bilal, HHRD’s district program manager, shed light on his organization’s role and responsibilities and said American Muslims fund it.

He also briefed the participants on the performance of HHRD in Bas Dir and said that 200 disabled children and their families were being cared for.

Dr. Ilyas said that the rupture of the spinal cord and spine paralyzes a person, who thus becomes a prisoner of his own body for the rest of life, according to others.

Dr Ilyas said the government of Khyber Pakhtunkhwa, charities and philanthropists have provided the amount needed for the paraplegic centre. He said the institution has also launched various projects related to revenue generation.


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