Gun hero cops saved a man’s life after he was run over by a car, causing ‘catastrophic injuries’


Four police officers have been rewarded for their heroism after saving a man’s life. The recovery officer was loading damaged cars onto a lorry on the A45 in Coventry when a car slammed into the trailer.

He was crushed into his lorry causing catastrophic leg injuries just before 6.45pm on May 3 last year. It was then that officers at the scene administered emergency first aid and radioed the firearms team – who have advanced medical training and equipment – ​​for assistance.

PCs Louise Proffitt, Ben Taylor, Daniel Webb-Jones and Jonathan Toon arrived within three minutes and got to work. Unfortunately, the man lost his leg, but doctors said his life was saved by the police.

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All four received a certificate from the Royal Humane Society to commemorate their work. They were presented to them by Chief Constable Sir David Thompson at an awards ceremony on Tuesday March 15.

The Royal Humane Society is a charity that awards prizes for acts of bravery in saving human life and also for restoring life through resuscitation. The president of the society is Princess Alexandra.

Resuscitation certificates are awarded to people who have successfully resuscitated a person, who was at one time apparently dead, by mouth to mouth resuscitation or heart and lung massage.


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