Funding Received for Jackson County Courthouse Repairs


JACKSON CO., Ala. (WAFF) – The Jackson County Courthouse will soon receive much-needed repairs.

The state is sending hundreds of thousands of dollars to help solve long-standing problems. The Jackson County Courthouse was built in 1912. Additions were added in 1954 and 1968.

Over the years, the northwest corner of the courthouse has settled and caused ongoing problems, according to District II Commissioner Jason Venable.

“In the upstairs courtroom there was a crack in the floor when I became commissioner in 2012, and since then the crack has gotten bigger and the evidence in the brick and basement is popped up,” Venable said.

Engineering estimates it will cost approximately $1 million to complete repairs to the building. Venable says $500,000 is from the state. The department will pay the rest.

Which he says is important to keep residents safe.

“Our courthouse case just in the lower cases between probate judge, appraisal, beacons and real estate, we see at least 800 people a day. So we don’t need to lose part of the courthouse to be sure we have offices because we’re already full. The bathroom where we stand is very useful when we have events in the square, but we had to close it for security reasons,” said Venable.

Then Commissioner Venable said the commission; will decide where the remaining funds will come from as they prepare to open the tenders.

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