Ex-boyfriend linked to Mary Anderson’s death spent time in jail for 2009 attack


HARVARD — Court records have revealed new information about the violent and criminal past of Matthew Davis, the person of interest in the disappearance and death by Mary Anderson.

Davis was killed Tuesday night by police in Brattleboro, Vermont, hours after Anderson’s body was discovered.

Anderson, 23, of Harvard, was reported missing by her family on Sunday. She was last seen alive in Hudson, New Hampshire at around 10:30 p.m. Saturday. His body was found inside his truck on Elliot Street in Brattleboro on Tuesday. Police later said they were looking for her ex-boyfriend Davis, 34, of Fitchburg, as a person of interest in the case.

Davis was spotted walking in West Brattleboro Tuesday night by members of the Vermont State Police and Brattleboro Police. They said he was armed with a knife and the ensuing confrontation led to police shooting and killing him.

“I know when they broke up it was a tough breakup. He didn’t want it and Mary said he was texting her to get back together,” Anderson’s mother Sheila said. , to WBZ-TV on Tuesday.

WBZ learned Wednesday that Davis had previously served time in prison for a violent attack involving another ex-girlfriend 13 years ago.

Court documents show that in 2009 he hid in his ex-girlfriend’s closet in her Pittsfield apartment, then stabbed and seriously injured her new boyfriend who was in the bedroom with her.

The woman is the mother of two of Davis’ children. Davis was convicted of the attack and served time in prison.

Investigators have yet to say how Mary Anderson died. Sheila Anderson, who lost her son in another tragedy just 11 months ago, said her goal was to remember her daughter and stay strong for her family.

“Matt is not my focus. My children, my two surviving children, are my focus right now to help them through this devastating event,” she said.


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