DefenAge has received two US patents for melasma and hair growth


“Extensive research proves that defensin molecules naturally awaken dormant skin cells and trigger a targeted, healing regenerative response to produce new skin and provide cosmetic-caliber treatment results with topicals alone,” shares the facial plastic surgeon,

dr. Gregory Keller, MD, FACS. “It’s the only known and proven mechanism to create youthful skin by activating a dormant resource in your own body.”

“We see pigmentation in the skin because of cells called melanocytes. These cells are located in the basal layer of the skin, just below the epidermis. When defensins promote new skin, improving the surface of the skin healthy allows light to reflect in a very distinguished way, making the pigment noticeably less visible,” comments the dermatologist, Amy FormanTaub, MD. “In the multicenter, placebo-controlled clinical study, we saw that DefenAge Clinical Power Trio effectively treated the visible signs of skin pigmentation.”

Previous scientific research has shown that in addition to skin rejuvenation activities, defensins are also able to stimulate hair production via the Wnt and wound healing pathways. “Clinicians and clients report the positive effect of defensins on hairy skin, including eyebrows, eyelashes and hairline,” adds the inventor, Nikolai Turovetsdoctorate

About DefenAge® DefenAge is an American company founded in 2014 by a team of regenerative medicine experts whose anti-aging discovery has become the heart and soul of its formulas. DefenAge products are widely recommended by dermatologists as a high performance anti-aging cosmetic treatment for visible skin rejuvenation and as a safe alternative to retinol. DefenAge meets or exceeds Clean Beauty standards and its products have never been tested on animals. Honesty, transparency and excellence in every possible way are company standards.



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