Damian Lillard, who compared himself to Michael Jordan, received praise from Kobe Bryant in his rookie year


The first thing any rookie seeks to do upon entering the NBA is earn respect. Earning the respect of their peers and coaches is important. However, it means the world to a young player if the respect was accorded by a sports legend like Kobe Bryant. Damian Lillard was no different.

The problem is, impressing the Black Mamba isn’t easy. The man was the second coming of Michael Jordan and the league’s best player at one point.

That’s why his lavish praise for Damian Lillard was surprising, but not unfounded. Dame Time came and left its mark on the Mamba.

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Kobe Bryant was very impressed with rookie Damian Lillard’s performance against his LA Lakers

Not everyone manages to wow the NBA audience. Only a select few have that privilege, and an even smaller group can impress NBA legends.

Well, Damian Lillard did just that in his rookie season when he took on Kobe Bryant and the LA Lakers. Dame lost 23 points, dished out 11 assists and grabbed three rebounds as he walked away with victory and the respect of Kobe in 2012.

“This boy is serious, man. He fears nothing. He’s got it all – all three balls, midrange, can go all the way to the edge. We just had to go get him and say, “To hell with all that. Let’s trap him.

It was after their first meeting that the Black Mambas knew that Lillard was a serious player. However, he refused to be outdone.

Despite the loss, Bryant beat the Young Lady with 30 points and six rebounds on the night. You can impress the Mamba, but it takes a lot more than that to get one on him.

Damian Lillard compared himself to Michael Jordan, sent a message about a missing Pippen

Dame, as we know her, is not just a “killer” on the pitch, but even behind the mic. Her rap persona, “Dame Dolla”, is hugely successful and has released several albums. Currently, as he leads Portland to one of his best starts, he has also released a new single titled Raid.

In the song, Dame could be heard knocking down a bar with the lyrics,

“Jordan type of alpha but you know I need a Pippen”

This could mean two things. Either Dame claims he needs a Pippen for his GM, or he found a Pippen. Either way, it compares to the greatest Alpha in the game, and it better live up to that comparison.

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