Could Gatcombe’s Thompson House be saved from demolition?


A historic building on the Isle of Wight could be saved from demolition, with a popular attraction declaring an interest in buying the site.

Random-Rooms (RRs), which was originally based in East Cowes and is currently based in Newport, is looking to buy Gatcombe’s Thompson House.

With the provision of the old hospital building, the appeal of the escape room is looking to grow. He said Thompson House is an “interesting building” that could potentially be used as a second site.

As Isle of Wight Radio previously reported, Isle of Wight Council is seeking permission to demolish the building after deeming it “surplus to requirements”.

However, RRs said he had a much more creative idea – to keep the existing building and expand his current business.

A spokesperson said:

“[We want to] adding more trees (rather than cutting them down to build housing), hedges and wildflowers to the site will help keep this rural site beautiful, provide privacy from neighbors and create an interesting and mysterious building surrounded by nature.

“Parts of the existing car park sprawl need to be removed and re-natured. We believe it would be vital to retain the rural aspect of the site and not create any additional impact on nearby buildings or environments.”

He viewed the potential acquisition as a “serious challenge”, but said he was ready to do “everything we can to bring our crazy plans to fruition”.

If successful, it is hoped that it will create more jobs.


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