Commanders DE Chase Young received two different ratings this week


Chase Young, the Commanders’ third-year defensive end is approaching the time when it will be activatedback on the playing field.

On November 14, 2021, against the Tampa Bay Bucs, Young injured his right knee. The obligatory knee ACL reconstruction, more serious than a repaired ACL. A transplant of his left patellar tendon was performed to reconstruct the ACL of his right knee.

Maybe Young is now ready to be activated for the Eagles Week 10 or the Texans in Week 11?

Thursday, head coach Ron Rivera when asked about Young’s practice and health, he replied, “He looked good. We put it in pass-rush situations to watch it and get a chance to watch it a little more on tape. He looked good. It’s good to see him moving, moving as fast as he is. We’ll see how he’s doing tomorrow morning. It will always be about the next day, how much they work them, the next morning if it hurts or not, will help dictate whether or not we activate it or not.

When asked about training and Young’s upcoming return on Friday, defensive coordinator Jack Del Rio answered rather differently. “Well, his energy is still great. I love having him, so seeing him again on the pitch; He is able to do certain things. I wouldn’t call him full speed at this point in anything he does, but he’s working on it. He gives everything he has, and when he is right, we will play him. But until he’s right, we’re not going to play him.

I don’t know what to make of the difference between the two answers. Still, isn’t the different reaction of the two veteran NFL linebackers and coaches worth noting?

Perhaps a logical explanation could be that Rivera was commenting on how Young was training on Thursday. Did the extra work cause Young to feel tired? Therefore, would Young have been a step or two slower on Friday? Could that be what Del Rio was answering?

We will continue to follow Young’s progress and hope for his return soon.

The story originally appeared on Commanders Wire


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